Eco Friendly, Sustainable Branded Corporate Gifts and Merchandise

Eco friendly corporate gifts and merchandise are a great way to show appreciation to your clients and employees, expecially if they minimise impact on the environment.

Sustainable corporate gifts are the environmentally friendly choice for discerning brands and organisations. They are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, organic cotton, and bamboo, and they are designed to last.

There are many benefits to choosing sustainable corporate gifts, including:

  • Improved brand reputation: Consumers are increasingly interested in supporting businesses that are committed to sustainability. By choosing sustainable corporate gifts, you can show your customers that you really care about the environment and that you are a responsible business.
  • Increased employee engagement: Employees are more likely to be engaged with a company that shares their values. By giving sustainable corporate gifts, you can show your employees that you value their commitment to sustainability and that you are committed to creating a more sustainable workplace.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Sustainable corporate gifts have a lower environmental impact than traditional corporate gifts. This is because they are made from sustainable materials, they are designed to last, and they are packaged in recyclable materials.

If you are looking for a way to make your corporate gifting more sustainable, here are a few tips:

  • Choose gifts that are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, organic cotton and bamboo.
  • Avoid gifts that are made from single-use plastics.
  • Choose quality gifts that are valued and designed to last.
  • Ensure your package your gifts in FSC certified and/or recyclable materials.

Here are some examples of sustainable corporate gifts that you can give to your clients and employees:

By choosing sustainable corporate gifts, you can make a difference for the environment and show your clients and employees that you care about sustainability.


At Giftfinder, we are proud to introduce our eco-friendly brand of promotional merchandise, GECO. You can find out more here.

Your company is unique. That’s why we offer an exclusive service that meets your individual needs and requirements. We take away the hard work; from our initial consultation we take care of everything for you. Simply let us know your budget, what type of sustainable products you’re looking for, and we’ll send to you visual mock up designs of your branded products for approval (observing your brand guidlines to the letter!)

  • Book a call with one of our branding experts
  • Let us know your ideas, budget and deadlines
  • We’ll provide you with bespoke ideas and designs 
  • Once ordered, sit back and relax while we manufacture and ship your eco friendly, sustainable branded merchandise

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